The TCFE European Championship 2008

The European Championship is a biannual competition for internal chinese martial arts, organized by the Taiji & Qigong Federation for Europe (TCFE).

The year 2008 the competition was held in Linköping, Sweden, by the same team that usually organize the Swedish Open championships. The competition was a great success with over 200 competitors from 17 different countries!

This website will continue to be available to document this event. Here you will find the final rules, the results and photos and video clips from the event.

Contact Information
Paul Silfverstråle
+46 708 939 176
Mattias Nyrell
+46 70 619 11 56
Susanna Leidegrant
PR & Sales


2008-08-19 Registration procedure clarified

We have had some questions on the registration procedure, so we decided to rephrase the information a little bit. Hopefully it is now easier to understand than before. Please contact us, if anything is still unclear!

2008-07-08 Last date of registration postponed

The last date of registration has been postponed two weeks. The new date is 19th September. Don’t forget that your national TCFE member organization will need your registration earlier than this date.

2008-07-08 Rules updated to version 2008.3

The rules have been updated to version 2008.3. Senior form events have been added for hand form and weapon form. This event is open to participants that are at least 55 years old.

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Contact the organizers

Paul Silfverstråle: +46 708 939 176Mattias Nyrell: +46 706 191 156E-mail:

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