Taiji Quan in 30 seconds

The Chinese Internal Martial Arts – Taiji Quan, Xingyi Quan and Bagua Zhang – were traditionally systems for self defence, health- and self-cultivation. Often referred to as Taoistic martial arts they are founded on taoistic philosophical ideas such as Yin/Yang and the Five Elements. Today these ancient arts are still performed and practiced throughout the world - Taijiquan is today the world’s biggest form of physical cultivation.


Competing in these arts is done in 2 main categories. First are Form events. These can be done in various ways – solo, group performance, with or without weapons etc. This category is judged and scored according to the skill of the performer - much in the same way as gymnastics or ice-skating.

Pushing hands

The other part – Pushing Hands - is were the competitor faces an opponent. The goal is to deal with force as skilled as possible. There are various ways of competing but the main point is to maintain good balance and stay in control while making the opponent loose control and balance. One of the disciplines contains sweeps, take-downs as well as throwing techniques.

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